Aging brings physical limitations and cognitive challenges that often make life overwhelming for you and your loved ones. As a former Geriatric Care Manager I understand the psychology of aging, as well as have expert knowledge on the services and programs available to older adults in Palm Beach County. I can help you navigate the complex healthcare system and the emotional distress and conflict that often accompanies aging and/or caring for a loved one who is aging.


  • Adjust and adapt to the changes and losses that occur as part of the aging process
  • Understand your unique adaptive qualities and characteristics
  • Feel supported through life changes and family transitions
  • Develop new rituals and behaviors that might help you cope through life better
  • Determine if continuing care communities are the right fit for you
  • Receive support and guidance on caring for aging parents
  • Strategies to Balance the needs of your children with those of your aging parents “Sandwich Generation Crisis”
  • Caregiver support and solutions to help you feel balanced while caring for your loved one
  • Create a comprehensive care plan for your loved one by identifying potential medical, environmental, legal, financial and social needs that your loved one might have and provide you with local solutions to better support your loved one. (i.e. eldercare medical advocate, home health agencies, money managers and bill paying services, legal assistance, and placement options for independent, assisted living and skilled nursing)
Special Accommodations for 60 minute In-home and assisted living visits can be made upon request.

A major developmental task as we age is to clarify, deepen, and find use for what one has already attained in a lifetime of learning and adapting.

Robert Butler