Are you experiencing these familial issues?


Family of Origin Issues

Learn to better understand how your childhood blueprint impacts your individual journey, adult love relationships and may contribute to daily stressors.

Geriatric Counseling and Consulting for Family Members

Are you an older adult struggling to cope with the issues and transitions of aging?

Are you in the Sandwich Generation and need support learning how to care for your aging parents while balancing the needs of your children?

Are you overwhelmed caring for an elder and need support making difficult care decisions, managing other family members, or dealing with resistant elders?

I can help you navigate the complex healthcare system and the emotional distress and conflict that often accompanies aging and/or caring for a loved one who is aging.

Parenting Counseling

Does parenting often trigger large emotions in you that are overwhelming, making it difficult to think clearly in the moment and utilize effective parenting interventions? Are you experiencing sibling rivalry, lack of communication, and conflict between parents and children?

I use the Emotionally Focused Therapy to understand the emotional dynamics that feed into the family dynamics and ultimately help families restore bonds. This is a non-shaming/ non-blaming approach that focuses on developing a deeper connection with your children with the hope of breaking the negative interactional cycle between family members and creating a secure environment in the home.

We used to think that at highest level of development you could control your emotions with reason. Sue Johnson comes along and says ,no that’s wrong. You really have to express emotions and validate them.

John Gottman